14 février 2017

Perles en enfilade! Beads beads beads....

Bonjour, Voici un de mes derniers fils, tordu avec des perles....  Le tout dans les tons noir gris blanc.... Le fil contient de la soie et est d'une douceur incomparable.  Je l'ai appelé 50 nuances de grey :) Bientôt en boutique (le temps que je fasse de belles photos) Hello, I wanted to show you one of my latest handspun yarn with beads. This is a 2 ply yarn with silk.  Pure softness....  I've called him 50 shades of grey :)
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09 février 2017

Craftsy spinning classes

Hello, Who knows Craftsy classes?  Did you know you had awsome spinning classes? Knitting Classes, Yarn, & Kits | CraftsyOnline knitting classes with expert instructors. The best yarn, patterns, and kits. Everything you need for your next knitting project.https://www.craftsy.com I took all of them and I've learned a lot! Plying, spinning art yarn, spinning dyed fibers and more.... There is a great teacher there (spinning art yarn) who is also part of Ply magazine   Blog | PLY MagazineLearn more about... [Lire la suite]
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